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Critter Corner

Critter Corner
June 17, 2021

Littleton Community Television (LCTV) and Dr. Dawn Brooks team up to bring you the program Critter Corner. Dr. Brooks will discuss important topics regarding pets. View recent programs below:

Episode #1 - Heartworm Disease

In this first episode of "Critter Corner", Dr. Dawn Brooks, Chief of Staff at Littleton Animal Hospital, in Littleton, MA, talks about Heartworm Disease in dogs and cats.

Episode #2 - Ticks (spring)

Dr. Brooks discusses ticks and the diseases they carry. She also discusses products on the market that help prevent ticks from attaching and transmitting diseases, including the Seresto Collar.

Episode #3 - Nutrition - picking a pet food

Episode #4 - Grain free diets

Episode #5 - Shock collars

Episode #6 - Getting a new puppy/kitten - planning for visits, vaccines, cost

Episode #7 - Acquiring a bird

Episode #8: Reptiles

Episode #9: Lyme Disease

Episode #10: Leptospirosis