Kara Radzinski, DVM


Dr. Kara Radzinski was born and raised in Durham, New Hampshire, but relocated to the Midwest for her undergraduate degree at the College of Wooster in Ohio. After college, she moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where she quickly jumped at the opportunity to become a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital seeing small animals and exotics. She worked there for five years, falling head over heels in love with all the animals she saw. This experience confirmed that she had found her calling.

Dr. Radzinski went on to complete her doctorate of veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019. Throughout her time in Wisconsin, she volunteered with the House Rabbit Society, completed a Veterinary Business Management Association certification, managed a pet food store, and developed a hopefully charming Midwest accent. Her professional interests include dentistry, nutrition, internal medicine, and working with all types of exotics!

She lives with her husband Nikolai and their three “kids”, a Havana rabbit named Blossom, a chinchilla named Oberyn Chintell, and a very grumpy (but loveable) cat named Fennec. In her free time, she loves playing board games, practicing yoga, and trying desperately to not kill her plants.

Dr. Kara Radzinski, DVM